Some pretty low-grade Apple Watch 3 predictions

There does not appear any substantiation behind most of these “rumors” so I think we’re pretty much in the realm of pure speculation. But why not. Macworld’s predictions for Watch 3″:

  • New watch released in September 2017, possibly with a “2s” type of name
  • 4 and 8GB storage tiers
  • Cameras
  • New colors, or less likely a more drastic design change
  • A magnetic “multi-function” band/strap that can function as a stand
  • A circular display(?!)
  • Cellular connectivity

A few more ideas from LearnBonds:

  • Switching to an LCD, or, more interestingly, a micro-LED display
  • A larger display

(Obviously both sites go on about the possibility of a new processor and improved battery life.) Here are my hardware predictions/wish-list:

  • I sure hope they just go with numbers and leave this “2s” stuff for the iPhone.
  • I think it’s time for a redesign. The current all-rounded look is kind of a showpiece for curved glass, but I think a flat top and a bit of a metal top bezel would look nice.
  • A damned brightness sensor.
  • If Android Wear watches with 4G cellular connections turn out to be a thing that works well, it would be crazy for Apple not to have it in the next Watch.
  • No idea about the cameras. They can include a camera (or two) anytime they want. But look at your watch: there is no FaceTime camera possible without a bezel, and there is no forward-facing camera (it would have to point out of the top of the watch) possible without increasing the size of the watch in some way.
  • (Update:) If not some sort of always-on or almost-always-on mode, at least moves in that direction. For example, if they had that brightness sensor, the watch could turn its face on much more aggressively based on movement without being jarring.