CMRA camera strap

CRMA for Apple Watchscreen-shot-2016-11-03-at-6-23-51-pm is a strap contraption with dual cameras, one facing out perpendicular from the watch and one up towards your face. $149 pre-order, comes with a charger that also charges the watch.

What’s astounding about this is how useful and cool and obvious it suddenly seems. I’m one of the people who up until now thought the idea of cameras on an Apple Watch was kinda dumb, but I think I might have been wrong. Still not sure about¬†FaceTime, but for quick/candid “what’s in front of me right now” type shots the out-facing camera would be great.

That said, I bet this thing is uncomfortable. Of course it will be way slower and clunkier than built-in cameras would be. Also, it’s “estimated shipping Spring 2017,” which is code for “you’ll be lucky if you ever get it,” right? Still, it’s an intriguing and promising product, and it suggests not only that cameras on a future Apple Watch might be useful, but also that the watch is a highly plausible platform for third-party hardware.

(via df)