Tools & Toys AW2 review

Typically thorough review of Apple Watch 2, hardware and software, with Tools & Toys’ patented non-macro, shallow depth of field normal-lens photography.

The stainless steel Apple Watch is dense. Wonderfully dense. When you fasten the Watch to your wrist, you know it’s there. When you pull up your sleeve, others know it’s there.

I wondered if the Watch’s thickness would be a deal-breaker, but instead it has served to properly balance the Watch on my wrist. Sometimes I forgot the aluminum Watch was on my wrist. I never forget the stainless steel Watch is on my wrist.

The kicker is that after 5,000 words of gushing bout the watch, Josh Gitner comes out to say that he’s returned both the aluminum and the steel models and is going without because … if he kept his Apple Watch he’d feel obligated to upgrade it, or something. For the record I am extremely happy with a 2010 MacBook Pro, an iPhone 5s, and a 1st-gen space gray aluminum Apple Watch.